Connections of St. John

With two locations, one in Coral Bay and one in Cruz Bay, this is your place for up to date island information.   The community board is full of current ads for jobs, housing, stuff for sale, etc. Here you can buy a newspaper, hop on the internet, find out the daily gossip, store your luggage ($3/bag) and much more.  It serves as one of the email centers on island as well as the only money transfer (Western Union) service on island.  There is always lots of traffic and bustle in this little hub. And there is a wealth of knowledge in the sweet ladies behind the counter.  Need something, just ask!!


Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center

The Visitor Center has lots of island information including current sea and weather conditions, maps, history, class schedules, special events, etc.  They have knowledgeable rangers on staff that are ready to help with all sorts of information and guidance. They also have a water bottle filling station!