What To Pack

If this is your first visit you are surely wondering what you will need.  Our first bit of advice is pack light!

Clothes – You don’t need formal wear, pants or socks.  Leave that at home.  Pack lightweight breathable, quick-dry fabrics that you can wear again and again.  No one here will remember or care that you wore those shorts yesterday.    Be sure to bring swim suit(s), cover ups and then a nice shirt or dress to go to town in the evening.

Sun Protection – You will need sun protection that is environmentally conscious.  You should bring sun hats, swim shirts, reef safe sunscreen and sunglasses.

Electronics – We have Wi-fi so bring your devices so you can download photos, read your kindle and stay in touch.  Waterproof cameras and Go pros are a great idea since our waters are so clear and the snorkeling/diving is superb. Don’t forget to pack chargers but also don’t forget to take them with you when you depart.  Most are not worth the shipping cost and hassle of getting them back you.

Personal Items – Of course your personal hygiene items and any medications, etc.  But please consider your own refillable water bottle and/or drink cup.  This helps with plastic waste here.  Small dry bags or waterproof phone case is recommended but not a necessity.

Cash – We do have multiple ATM’s located through out the island.  But even to get from the airport to your accommodation you should have at least $50 cash per person.  Some establishments are cash only and most cabs are cash only.  Tipping in cash is always appreciated.  20% gratuity is customary for restaurants, boat charters, spa services and any special service requests.

All villas provide towels (beach and bath), coolers and beach chairs.  Snorkel gear is available for rent from several places and most charter boats provide snorkel gear as well.

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